Ny still från säsongsfinalen!

TVGuide har släppt en ny still från säsongsfinalen av TVD The Departed.

Why are Damon and Rebekah on the same side of danger in The Vampire Diaries season finale?

The last time viewers saw these two, a scorned Rebekah (Claire Holt) was torturing Damon (Ian Somerhalder) for using her (i.e. sleeping with her) so that Sage (Cassidy Freeman) could read her thoughts. But it seems in our exclusive look at the season's final episode, "The Departed," that the two are together, both shocked and terrified, of something -- or someone -- greater than them.

Could it be Esther (Alice Evans) attempting to carry out her plan to kill off her family? Has Klaus (Joseph Morgan) gone over the edge and threatening his own sister? Or is it split-personality Alaric (Matt Davis) in his dangerous psycho killer mode who is after them?



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